't Katoennestje

Some puppy pics from our kennel

Our puppies are brought up in domestic circle. During the delivery and the first days afther birth, they stay in our bedroom where they can have all the peace they need to recover. Afther that they move to the puppykennel in the living-room. Here they get acquainted with the other dogs and with everybody who's visiting the puppies. So they get familiar with the daily sounds in the house. Once they teached the age of five weeks, and if the weather outside makes it possible, we take them  to the garden. Once and a while we take them out in the carrybag or in the car for a ride. All this to give them the necessary stimuli to fit in live as good social puppies. The puppies have been treated against worms, are vaccinated and they possess a European passport. They have a microchip and a Belgian Saint-Hubertus pedigree.


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